Why KODAK Solar Products?

  • Solutions from a name you trust

  • Energy you can count on
  • Designed with load shedding in mind
  • Perfect for South Africa’s homes and businesses
  • Sleek, aesthetic design
  • Local technical support

KODAK Solar Products are the trusted solution for off-grid and grid back-up systems for households and small businesses in South Africa. This solar equipment is unique in that you can furnish your entire PV installation with KODAK Products alone!

The products are visually pleasing thanks to the iconic KODAK colours and design while offering outstanding performance and efficiency to keep your appliances powered every hour of the day.

Kodak Packages

Explore the Entry Level, High Power and MAX Power packages today to find the right system for you.

Kodak is an established, global company with a legacy of providing high-quality equipment for all kinds of vocations. Blue Mountain PV is delighted to be an official licensed supplier of KODAK Solar Products, which live up to their reputation of excellent performance, reliability and aesthetic design.

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