KODAK Solar Inverters

KODAK Solar Inverters are crucial for your PV system to reach its maximum potential. An inverter takes the solar power captured by the panels and converts this energy from DC to usable AC electricity.

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid inverters are very similar to standard, grid-tied inverters. These products, however, are fitted with a back-up battery system. Hybrid products simultaneously manage input from the panels and a battery bank, charging the batteries with energy from the modules or the grid. Any surplus energy can be stored in the battery cells for later use.

The hybrid inverters can:

  • Rely on solar power alone
  • Supplement mains power if demand is higher than the energy generated by the panels
  • Charge the batteries if the power from the panels exceeds that of the load
  • Distribute power back to the grid if the batteries are fully charged

Grid-Tied Inverters

For more connected, central locations or areas where there is better grid stability, KODAK Grid-Tied Solar Inverters are recommended. These inverters enable homeowners to use a PV system in conjunction with energy from the grid, meaning there is no need for additional batteries and wiring. Grid-tied inverters mean energy is sourced from the grid when there is insufficient power from the solar panels. Any surplus energy is stored in the grid.

Off-Grid Inverters

Choose one of these KODAK Off-Grid Solar Inverters for end-of-line locations where there is little to no grid stability. Off-grid inverters are the sole powerhouse of a PV system with no connection to the grid as all energy comes directly from the solar panels. An off-grid inverter is complete with a mandatory battery to store all energy generated by the panels for use later on in the day.

KODAK Solar Battery Storage

For off-grid applications, a battery is mandatory to store any power generated from the panels during the days of sunshine. Batteries can be incorporated into grid-tied systems for reassurance that power will be available in the event of grid failure.

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