OG-Plus Range

OG-Plus 3.24 This product is best suited to 24V panels and is ideal for smaller, domestic systems where parallel operation is not required. With a 3kW power rating and weighing just 13kg, the OG-Plus 3.24 offers easy, one-person installation.

OG-Plus 5.48
 Operating at 48V and offering 5kW of rated power, this off-grid inverter is a larger version of the OG-Plus 3.24 and is capable of supporting more panels for a bigger system.

OG-Plus 6.2: With 6.2kW of rated power and parallel operation up to nine units, the new OG-Plus 6.2 is the largest model in the OG-Plus range, offering ease of monitoring, touchable function keys and intelligent BMS communication. This inverter is ideal for higher-capacity systems requiring a more substantial amount of off-grid power.



  • Ideal for rural or end-of-line locations
  • Produce a smooth, consistent voltage for best reliability
  • Guaranteed performance in areas of grid instability
  • Uninterrupted supply for important loads (e.g. ATMs or servers)