OG Range

OG-3.24 This small, compact inverter offers 3kW of power and operates optimally with 24V panels.

OG-5.48 Weighing just 12kg and offering 5kW of power, this inverter can be paired with a 48V panel for an optimised system.

OG-7.2 This inverter is parallelable, meaning six units can be installed to offer a staggering 43.2kW of power. Compatible with utilities main power or a generator, this is the most powerful KODAK Inverter yet with only one product required for a whole system.

OG-10 A high-voltage 10kW inverter designed for large residential or small commercial systems with only one unit required to power an average household with ease.



  • Affordable, fully functional centre of your PV system
  • Ideal for small, domestic projects
  • Complete with Bluetooth function
  • Able to monitor remotely via smartphone
  • Direct communication to KODAK Solar Batteries
  • Compatible with generators