To achieve true energy independence and escape the unpredictability of South Africa’s national grid, homeowners and businesses need PV systems with efficient solar batteries that can store excess energy for later use.

Fortunately, KODAK Solar Products has a range of dependable battery storage systems suitable for various residential and small-scale commercial applications — helping more people regain control of their power consumption and save money on electricity bills.

Get up to speed with KODAK Solar Products’ newest PV batteries and discover why they are some of the most popular energy storage solutions on the market…

Brand-new energy storage solutions 

KODAK Solar Products has an ever-expanding collection of PV batteries designed to ensure ease of use, efficiency and longevity.

The most recent addition to the portfolio is the NL range, comprising three innovative battery models: the NL2.5, NL4.8 and NL10.

Each unit boasts a sought-after 10-year warranty, with >6,000 life cycles to support long-lasting performance in demanding off-grid and self-consumption applications.

The NL range is also 1C rated, allowing for full charge and discharge in one hour to deliver a consistent, stable energy supply. And thanks to an outstanding 80% depth of discharge (DoD), you will always get the maximum value out of your NL battery — no need to worry about compromising its health at higher discharge levels!

Additionally, with impressive 15-unit parallel capabilities, these models make expanding your system a breeze. So, no matter how your energy needs change, you can increase your power capacity to cover all your essential loads, with up to 153.6kWh available through the 10.24kWh NL10 battery.

Looking for even more cutting-edge storage solutions like the NL suite? KODAK Solar Products will not disappoint…

Small but mighty battery banks

Earlier this year, KODAK Solar Products expanded the BL range with an ultra-versatile, high-performance 3.6kWh model.

The BL3.6 might be smaller than the BL5.0 from the storage portfolio, but it has many of the same benefits — including a 15-battery parallel capacity that makes it ideal for scaling up most residential and small commercial systems.

Offering a staggering 95% DoD for 3,600 cycles to provide more usable capacity and another 10-year warranty for extra peace of mind, you can count on this product to stand the test of time.

Plus, the BL3.6 has a high continuous discharge current of up to 115A and an industry-leading 1.5C rating to allow single battery deployments for 5kW inverter systems, making it an incredibly cost-effective PV storage solution.

This 48V unit also has RS485 and CAN communication for full compatibility with KODAK Solar Products inverters. So, it is no surprise that this compact yet powerful lithium-ion battery is recommended in all the KODAK Solar Products PV packages — providing a reliable backup energy supply to run your home or business, even during load shedding.

Trusted products for every project

KODAK Solar Products provides PV solutions exclusively for the South African energy landscape, helping to mitigate power supply challenges and ensure everyone can access reliable, affordable electricity.

By equipping your KODAK Solar Products PV system with battery storage, you can get more out of your energy investments and reduce your reliance on the unstable grid — paving the way for seamless self-sufficiency in grid-tied and off-grid locations. No more worrying about power cuts and rising electricity tariffs!

What’s more, with local technical support through the experts at SegenSolar, it is easier than ever to design, install and maintain an efficient PV system, no matter where you are in the country.

So, whether you are new to the world of solar energy or want to find PV batteries that will help you maximise the value in your existing system, do not wait to check out KODAK Solar Products’ high-quality energy storage solutions.

Ready to embrace renewable energy to reduce your electricity bills and environmental impact? Find a skilled installer near you and begin your solar journey today.