This year, the uptake of PV systems has skyrocketed across South Africa.

In fact, as of the end of January 2024, the country’s private companies and households installed 5,400 MW of solar capacity. That is more than Eskom’s two largest power stations, which have a nominal capacity of 4,800 MW each!

These awe-inspiring statistics confirm a scenario that experts have been anticipating for some time now. Eskom is losing customers to solar at such a rapid rate that it is in a ‘death spiral’ — something that could lead to its demise within the next 10 years.

What is causing the solar boom? And how can KODAK Solar Products help you join in on the action? Find out below…


Factors prompting people to switch to PV 


It goes without saying that members of the South African population have had reason to invest in their own PV systems for years.

Eskom has been implementing load shedding to lighten the load on its aged coal power plants since 2008. Over the last decade and a half, people have grown tired of these blackouts, leading home and business owners to seek alternative energy solutions. And with South Africa’s ample sunlight hours, solar power has become an obvious choice!

That said, the situation has grown even more complex in recent times.

Despite improvements in the load shedding landscape, Eskom raised its tariffs by a whopping 12.74% in April. This will have come as no surprise, given that Eskom raised its prices by 450% between 2008 and 2022. However, it looks like this time is worse than ever before.

Eskom is in a seriously poor state financially, having suffered its biggest annual profit loss yet in 2023. So, as Eskom attempts to claw back money, experts are warning that even worse price hikes are to come. And that is driving away even more customers!

This vicious cycle is not the only reason for the solar boom, either.

The government has ramped up its renewable energy incentives, making it more viable for South Africans to leverage solar power. For instance, the new Solar Exclusion Norm exempts select solar PV facilities from obtaining environmental authorisation — resulting in faster project approvals and reduced costs for developers.

Plus, various municipalities, like Cape Town, have introduced their own incentives. Here, residents can use the Cash for Power scheme to get money, rather than credit, for surplus power generated from their PV systems.

So, it is no wonder so many are making the switch in 2024.


Where KODAK Solar Products comes in… 


With Eskom’s impending tariff hikes and new PV system incentives in mind, you may be thinking that now is a good time to wave goodbye to coal power and say hello to solar. But you may not know exactly how to loosen your ties with the national grid.

Fortunately, KODAK Solar Products can help.

As a trusted supplier of cost-effective solar batteries and inverters, KODAK Solar Products has all the energy storage solutions you need for a seamless, affordable transition away from coal power. These solutions are not just for bog-standard systems, either. There are dedicated KODAK Solar Products lines for rural and end-of-line locations!

KODAK Solar Products components are also sleek, stylish and easy to use, with cutting-edge features like built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for convenient remote monitoring. Additionally, these products are available in fuss-free product packages for maximum convenience.

All you need to do is take a look at the KODAK Solar Products portfolio to kickstart your solar energy transition.

A reliable, low-cost PV system could be yours before you know it! 

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