After months of hard work and anticipation, KODAK Solar Products has a very exciting announcement to make.

A brand-new collection of energy storage solutions is joining the ever-expanding KODAK Solar Products portfolio!

Named the NL battery range, this launch comprises three different-sized units: the NL2.5, NL4.8 and NL10. And each of them is designed to help home and business owners reap a long list of benefits amid South Africa’s unsustainable, expensive energy landscape.

Without further ado, here is a taste of the benefits that come with implementing these batteries. You will want to include one in your PV system this year…


Energy on demand

All three NL models come with an industry-leading 1C charge and discharge rate, which means they can be fully charged and discharged in just one hour.

Thanks to this impressive quality, you need not wait long to generate free electricity from the sun’s rays and escape the expensive, often unreliable supply that comes from the national grid. Power is available whenever you need it!


Easy system expansion

Every battery in the NL range can be scaled up to suit changing energy requirements, thanks to their outstanding 15-unit parallel capabilities.

Say you have the NL2.5. With its 2.56kWh capacity, it can achieve a maximum total of 38.4kWh. When you select the 4.8kWh NL4.8, you can enjoy up to 72kWh, and with the 10.24kWh NL10, there is 153.6kWh up for grabs. That is enough to cover most peoples’ energy needs — and then some.


Impressive lasting power

NL batteries boast >6000 life cycles, meaning they can be charged and discharged at least 6000 times whilst maintaining their full capacity.

Therefore, you can trust in the longevity of these models — even if you are running a high-cycle application, such as an off-grid or self-consumption system. Want more peace of mind that the modules will stand the test of time? NL batteries are also equipped with 10-year warranties.


Guaranteed efficiency

The NL2.5, NL4.8 and NL10 all come with an 80% depth of discharge (DoD), meaning 80% of the batteries’ capacities can be used in each cycle.

This may sound slightly complicated. However, all you need to know is that the DoD allows you to get the most out of your battery without compromising its health, which could occur with discharging at a higher percentage. And a more efficient system is a more cost-effective one…


Seamless communication with inverters

Units in the NL range have RS485 communications — ensuring fast data transmission over long distances in electrically noisy environments and seamless communication with inverters.

The NL2.5 can be paired with 24V inverters from KODAK Solar Products, whilst the two larger NL models work alongside 48V inverters from KODAK Solar Products and Blue Mountain Energy (BME). Great for building a high-quality PV system without compromise!


Feeling inspired to kickstart your transition to solar power? Browse the KODAK Solar Products portfolio to discover even more exceptional batteries and inverters and get in touch with a skilled local installer today.