All-new KODAK is here!

It has been a momentous year of KODAK Solar Products since the official launch in January 2020. After such a splendid reception at the start of the year, it is thrilling to announce the arrival of three clear product packages, including two brand-new, state-of-the-art products. Choosing solar is easier than ever,

Discover what’s new and how KODAK Solar Products offers you the ideal load shedding solution.

What’s new?

Comprehensive solar packages

If you are a homeowner or a small business owner interested in solar, you can now find a selection of elite KODAK Solar Products in three neat packages. PV experts have designed these product packages to meet specific load shedding requirements — from small to large systems. Why purchase solar products individually when you can choose a full system with every component already included?

For a basic yet highly effective solar solution, the Entry Level package will suit you if you need to keep a small handful of appliances running during a power outage.

The High Power package is a more advanced solution for sites with an unstable grid connection or those requiring more power for longer.

And finally, the MAX Power package. This full solution offers supreme power for every appliance at your home or small business.

These packages come with an upfront price, so there are no unforeseen costs of extra equipment added later.

State-of-the-art PV products

In exciting news, the off-grid range has been expanded to cater to the growth of KODAK Solar Products in the wider Southern African market where access to the grid is volatile.

Joining the portfolio are the OG-MAX 7.2 Inverter and the FL5.2 Battery.

The OG-MAX 7.2 is the most powerful KODAK Inverter yet, offering 7.2kW of smooth, consistent power. Just one unit is capable of keeping all appliances running even if you require more power for longer. However, you can parallel up to six inverters for much larger systems, offering a staggering 43.2kW of power!

The brand-new FL5.2 is a high-performance battery of modular design, meaning you can add up to three additional batteries to meet more extensive energy storage demands. The battery offers 5.12kVa and is the perfect match for all KODAK Off-Grid Inverters.

Recapping the renowned products

KODAK Solar Products come in all shapes and sizes — from the grid-tied i-range to the versatile hybrid inverter series. These products are staples for solar installers in South Africa and ensure both homes and small businesses stay powered around the clock.

Moreover, the KODAK Off-Grid Inverters have been immensely popular. These items inverters allow you to design a system that stores any surplus energy harnessed from the sun during the day, meaning you can continue using power freely at night.

Energy storage offers a sure-fire solution to load shedding and unexpected grid outages. Pairing an off-grid inverter with a KODAK Battery enables greater flexibility, independence and freedom from the grid. An off-grid system means you can rely on a dependable power source without being let down when you need electricity most.

This is just the start…

Solar installers in Southern Africa have benefitted from free training webinars on KODAK Solar Products offered by SegenSolar over the past nine months. For the foreseeable future, installers looking to upskill and expand on their PV knowledge can sign up to SegenSolar’s portal and attend as many online training sessions as they need. These sessions have helped to foster a competent and confident fleet of solar installers in the area — meaning homeowners and business owners receive a premium service and have total peace of mind.

As 2021 draws ever closer, load shedding in South Africa is showing no signs of halting. With a lack of resource and funding for fossil fuels, renewable energy will be more important than ever to keep homes and businesses powered as they deserve.

With the foundations laid, KODAK Solar Products are set to continue to grow and evolve, becoming a go-to solar solution for everyone in Southern Africa.

Are you ready to get started on your solar journey? Find a skilled installer local to you now.