The South African population is relieved to have the strict lockdown measures eased as the government mandates Level 3. However, KODAK Solar Products are still feeling the impact of the outbreak on demand as solar has become less of a priority for many during the bizarre time.

So, where is the industry now in terms of returning to “normal”? And how have many companies needed to adapt — perhaps permanently — to bounce back?

Solar industry COVID-19 update

While the situation has settled somewhat, COVID-19 is hugely unpredictable, making it challenging to plan ahead. However, World Energy Council has commented that the pandemic has exposed the fragility of Africa’s energy and health infrastructure. Electricity is required for any modern medical treatments, and coronavirus is no exception. Without access to affordable, reliable power, the livelihoods of millions of people are at an even more prominent risk.

However, this heightened awareness of the catastrophic energy situation could prove beneficial in allowing many African countries — including South Africa — to turn this challenge into an opportunity for access to better quality electricity.

Working with webinars

You may have seen on the KODAK Solar social channels that SegenSolar is now hosting online training webinars on the KODAK Range! These free sessions are to help South Africa’s community of solar installers stay informed about the products and ensure they are qualified and knowledgeable on how to install a KODAK System. Keeping installers up to date will help guarantee all installations are safe, compliant and accurate.

If you want to know more about the technical aspect of KODAK Solar Products or are a solar installer, you can sign up to SegenSolar’s customer portal for free. Here, you can register for the webinars as well as design a full PV system with KODAK Products in a matter of seconds using the nifty Quick Quote tool.

Are you keen on PV? Find a reputable installer near you today and make your renewable energy vision come to life.