KODAK Solar Products are City of Cape Town certified! 


KODAK Grid-Tied and Hybrid Solar Inverters have been endorsed with the NRS City of Cape Town (CoCT) CertificateIt is widely recognised across Southern Africa as a credible accreditation that certifies the products are reliable and legal for use by both homeowners and business owners. 


Why is the CoCT certificate so significant? 


By law, small to medium solar projects in Cape Town need authorisation from the CoCT. However, there are many systems which continue to cut corners by failing to receive the accreditation. Any unregistered system risks additional service fees and possible electricity disconnection. So, it’s crucial to get authorised!  


Solar is a brilliant way to go greener with your electricity and to reduce your bills at home. However, there is scope for a great deal to go wrong if uncertified products are used in a PV installation. As the heart and hub of every solar system, it is essential that inverters receive the appropriate certification. The licence means the products have been tested with other PV equipment for guaranteed safety.  


If you are a considering installing solar on your home or business, ensure the system is appropriately registered to avoid penalties.  


By failing to register your solar installation, you might:  


  • Seriously increase the risk of electrical fire and other hazards such as lethal shocks. 


  • Amplify the risk of injury or death for staff working on the grid, especially if the system continues to feed into the grid during a power outage. The property owner will be at risk of legal action under occupational health and safety laws. 


  • Interfere with the quality and sustainability of the electricity grid.  


  • Upset the schedule of the grid by incorporating electricity capacity that is unknown to authoritiesInformation on the number of PV systems connected to the grid is essential to maintain the balance of load and electricity quality. 


Which PV system do I have?  


Your solar project will either be:  


  • Grid-tied feed-in (select areas of South Africa only) 
  • Grid-tied non-feed-in (more common)  
  • Non-grid-tied 


Generally, solar projects in South Africa are equipped with a blocking feature. This mechanism prevents the end user from exporting excess power generated by the PV system back to the grid. As a result, electricity generated by your solar panels will only be used when there is a demand for it. That is, however, unless your system comprises a hybrid inverter, in which case the system stores energy until needed.  


Off-grid systems still need registration to ensure they are not mistaken for grid-tied.  


CoCT provides a comprehensive overview of the certification if you require more detail. Discover the Guide to Safe and Legal Installations for more information. 


Whatever your home or business requires, there is a KODAK Solar Product for everyone. Discover KODAK Off-GridGrid-Tied or Hybrid Inverters. Alternatively, learn more about the range of KODAK Mono and Poly Panels and the all-new KODAK L1 Battery 


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