If you have been keeping up with KODAK Solar Products, you will know that the brand has been set on expanding its portfolio this year to provide customers with an even wider selection of affordable, high-quality PV products they can trust. 

Now, the time has come to share what the KODAK Solar Products team has been working on as of late and take a deep dive into the hallmarks of each new solution — starting with the LP range! 

This selection of off-grid inverters is designed to cater to the growing need for energy storage in the South African Development Communities (SADC), providing an economical introduction to solar power with all the impressive benefits to be expected from KODAK Solar Products… 

New off-grid inverters 

First and foremost, the new LP range comes with built-in Wi-Fi to facilitate convenient remote monitoring via the smartphone app and allow users to stay on top of their energy supply wherever they are. A user-friendly design is backed up by battery management system (BMS) communications and compatibility with lithium-ion (Li-ion) products. 

Furthermore, the LP inverters boast an LCD control panel for a configurable battery charging design and AC/solar charger priority and are compatible with generators, so homeowners can tweak the supply to their needs. Plus, the configurable battery charging unit and AC/solar charger priority can be adjusted to suit various applications thanks to the LCD control panel. 

Users will also be glad to know that LP inverters come with enhanced protection against common faults, resulting in a safer and longer-lasting system that will save users money on repairs and maintenance costs down the line. For example, they feature overload, overtemperature and short circuit protection, as well as a battery equalisation function that optimises battery performance and extends the lifecycle of the product. 

There are two models in this impressive range: the OG-LP 3.2-24 which offers 3.2kW of rated power, and the OG-LP 5.6-48, which offers 5.6kW of rated power. 

Each model differs slightly in technical features, such as charge currents, but both come with an impressive 230 VAC voltage and 10 millisecond transfer time for personal computers (20 milliseconds for home appliances). So, users get maximum power without interruptions! 

And luckily for KODAK Solar Products customers, there are plenty more products just like this about to hit the market… 

Coming soon 

KODAK Solar Products will be breaking new ground for the brand with its all-in-one solution. This hybrid product combines the capabilities of a battery and an inverter, offering a sleek, compact and lightweight design and all the features required for grid-tied, off-grid and backup systems.  

The all-in-one unit has a 5.5kW capacity, dual MPPT, and multiple communications ports. Plus, it can be expanded to house up to six batteries, which is perfect for anyone looking to build a bigger, better solar energy supply. 

What an exciting time to be a KODAK Solar Products customer… 

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