Managing a small business can be financially straining. With start-up costs often high and unpredictable, it is incredibly important to make cost-effective decisions where possible.

Plus, with customer opinion so important in the early stages of a business’ inception, organisations want their service to be nothing short of exceptional.

But how can renewable energy help?

Save money  

Household bills continue to rise due to supply chain issues, making it harder for business owners to keep up with essential costs. However, there are several ways that you can make greener, cheaper choices by monitoring your energy consumption — like only using heating when necessary and holding remote meetings to reduce transport costs.

The best way to save money is by reducing your reliance on the national grid. Power from the grid is impacted by a range of external factors, meaning prices will be volatile and subject to change. But with solar power, you will always know what to expect from your monthly energy bills: affordable, sustainable electricity.

Even though transitioning to renewable energy is an investment, as you will need to purchase the products required to build a complete system, this is the only price to pay. Your power will come from the sun — a free energy source — and your products will pay for themselves.

KODAK Solar Packages offer a range of options for different budgets and system requirements. The Entry Level, High Power and MAX Power packages are available, with Entry Level being the most affordable option.

Help the environment 

Many people are wondering how to live greener lives in light of the visible impact of unsustainable practices in South Africa. Yet, incorporating sustainability into daily operations is something that business owners should not only consider but prioritise.

You can be a greener small business by making minor changes in the workplace, like limiting the amount you print, ensuring employees refrain from leaving laptops on standby and using movement-activated lighting. The best way to be more environmentally friendly, though, is by changing your energy supply.

By transitioning to renewable energy and moving away from the grid, you help reduce the need for diesel-fed generators — a costly short-term solution that significantly contributes to air pollution.

You can also ensure you make sustainable choices by choosing solar products built to last. For example, the KODAK BL3.6 has a long lifetime and comes with a generous 10-year warranty. 


Never lose power

Power intermittency due to load shedding stops homes and offices from accessing essentials like hot water and air conditioning — reason enough to transfer to renewable power. This poses a unique challenge to small businesses, though.

Without electricity, businesses are often forced to close without prior notice and therefore unable to serve customers — directly limiting your outreach. It can also be incredibly difficult to establish a positive reputation when you cannot remain open when you need to.

Solar power allows small businesses to reduce the threat of load shedding by providing a constant, reliable supply. Whilst sunlight is usually abundant during the day, batteries can store surplus energy for later use — for instance, at night and in winter — so that you never need to be without electricity.

The variety of KODAK Solar Products available means there are dozens of options for off-grid energy supply. The KODAK OG, OG-Plus, and OGS off-grid inverter ranges all provide stable, uninterrupted power, with products available for every type of system.

The OGS-5.6 is the newest product in the OGS range, with convenient monitoring features and the capability to power very large systems.

 Make your small business the best it can be with KODAK Solar Products. Find a skilled installer near you today.