The South African energy crisis has shown few signs of improving in 2022 thus far, leaving the population anxious about the potentially bleak, colder months ahead. Stage four load shedding has been more frequent this year, and the total energy shed from load shedding has already surpassed the figures for 2021.

However, the upcoming winter might not be as bleak as some think.

Because Eskom typically take more grids offline during the summer months, planning maintenance when energy consumption is naturally lower, the first half of the year does not necessarily reflect the year in its entirety.

Positive change is on the horizon, with the number of efforts to improve the country’s energy supply soaring as of late as organisations across South Africa commit to more and more renewable energy projects…

The fast-developing PV industry

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has approved 15 new solar PV projects in Limpopo, the Eastern and Northern Cape and the Free State. 11 of these projects will be connected to the grid for Nersa’s own use, whilst five will be connected to municipal networks for commercial purposes.

These plants will help the country reduce its reliance on coal power. This goal is being further actioned through the development of solar mini-grids, which CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA) has raised $25 million to finance.

As small-scale electricity generators that do not rely on the national grid, mini-grids have been set to help tackle low electrification rates in rural areas like Malawi and Tanzania by providing sustainable, renewable energy to one million people who have never had access to electricity before.

Mini-grids have promising prospects for businesses — particularly new and small ones — allowing them to stay open later thanks to lighting and communicate with potential customers via the internet, fast-tracking their development.

The energy storage market has seen significant recent development, with one solution predicted to become the primary source of stored energy worldwide: lithium phosphate battery storage. With a longer life span and higher safety value, these batteries have significant advantages over other new technologies.

Although the initial cost of solar products has held back the uptake of solar energy storage in the past, increasingly affordable products are paving the way for a greener future.

Exceptional off-grid products

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