When choosing renewable energy for your home or business, the process should be as simple as possible.

For homeowners and business owners, being faced with hundreds of solar products and unrelenting technical jargon can feel like a minefield. How do you know which products work together? What size system do you need?

However, you can find everything you need all in one place with the unique KODAK Solar Packages, comprising every component required for an off-grid or hybrid system.

The packages are available at an upfront price and offer a comprehensive load shedding solution.

Entry Level – starting from R64,000 inc. VAT

If you are looking for a small and simple yet highly effective PV system, the Entry Level package is perfect for you. The battery and inverter work together seamlessly to offer 5kW of reliable power, fulfilling sudden high loads during any power outages. What’s more, the system can supply low base power for a handful of appliances for several hours.

However, one size need not fit all. These products can be installed flexibly and in many different configurations to meet your home or business’ requirements.

High Power – starting from R77,000 inc. VAT

The High Power package boasts products with more advanced features for keeping a house or small business powered during load shedding. This solution is suitable for sites that cannot establish a stable grid connection or those that need power for more sustained periods.

Whether connected to the grid or not, the products in this package work together to keep important appliances or delicate loads running efficiently without interruption, offering a consistent supply of electricity.

MAX Power – starting from R107,000 inc. VAT

The MAX Power package offers all the power your home or business needs to keep all loads running efficiently during blackouts. This powerful inverter tops the batteries up throughout the day and can provide up to 7kW of power for 90 minutes at a time.

This system is recommended for those who are not willing to compromise on which loads to keep running during periods of load shedding. The high-capacity MAX Power package lets you have it all.

Load shedding in SA

Load shedding continues to be a regular aspect of quotidian life in South Africa. While it has its inconveniences, you can read this recent article for six top tips on ensuring the power outages cause as little disruption as possible.

In June, President Cyril Ramaphosa proposed changes to the licensing requirements for businesses looking to generate their own power. The threshold for requiring a costly licence for self-generation was raised to 100MW, encouraging many business owners to bring much-needed additional generation capacity onto the grid.

What’s more, businesses will have the option to sell any surplus power back into the grid. According to the South African Photocatalytic Association, the lifting of this licensing cap could see up to 5,500 MW of extra power available from the grid over the next two years.


With so many established PV manufacturers and suppliers available, why should you choose KODAK?

KODAK Solar Products are solutions from a name you trust, providing energy you can count on for a variety of off-grid and grid back-up PV systems. The products and packages have been developed with load shedding in mind, meaning they are perfect for South and Southern Africa’s homes and businesses. Their efficient performance supports your site’s needs through grid instability, electricity blackouts and any periods of load shedding — all while being incredibly cost-effective and aesthetically designed.

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