As solar energy escalates in popularity, choosing from the ever-increasing number of manufacturers grows more and more challenging. How do you know which brands to trust? And what makes KODAK Solar Products different to the rest?

Solutions from a name you trust

Kodak is an established, global company with a legacy of providing high-quality equipment for all kinds of vocations. Blue Mountain PV is delighted to be an official licensed supplier of KODAK Solar Products, which live up to their reputation of excellent performance, reliability and aesthetic design.

Energy you can count on

The national grid in South Africa is notoriously inconsistent. In some areas, families and small business owners can never be too sure when they will have power. Unreliable electricity is disruptive and contributes to a far lower quality of life.

KODAK Solar Products offer consistent, reliable energy at all times. What’s more, energy storage systems allow you to store surplus power generated throughout the day. You can use this electricity into the evenings when the panels can no longer generate power with sunlight. Having a solar battery system installed is also recommended to boost your savings and offer protection from rising electricity prices.

Designed with load shedding in mind

Have you explored the new solar packages? PV experts have designed these product combinations to meet specific load shedding requirements. You can now find three clear packages which ensure homes of varying sizes can keep the lights on during power outages.

Entry Level

This solution is perfect smaller homes, or any sites requiring a power boost during load shedding. Consisting of a 12kWh battery and a 5kW inverter (plus ancillary components!), the Entry Level package can supply low base loads for several hours and can keep a small handful of appliances running during power outages.

High Power

With advanced features for running a house or small business during load shedding, the High Power package is perfect for sites with a less stable grid connection and effortlessly keeps essential appliances powered during blackouts.

Max Power

With two 12kWh batteries and the ultra-powerful 7.2kW inverter included, this package is your ultimate solution for those who are unwilling to compromise on which loads to keep running during load shedding. This high-capacity package truly lets you have it all.

Perfect for South Africa’s homes and businesses

Did you know KODAK Solar Products are available exclusively in Southern Africa? The products are perfectly suited to this market with the variety of off-grid inverters capable of supporting PV installations in the most remote locations.

Sleek, aesthetic design

The iconic Kodak colour palette is recognisable worldwide, and KODAK Solar Products are in perfect alignment with the renowned look and feel of the brand. Not only is the solar equipment efficient and reliable but is also extremely aesthetically appealing and looks exciting inside or outside the home.

Local technical support

It is easier than you think to find a skilled solar installer who is local to you. Additionally, KODAK Solar Products are supported by the experts at SegenSolar who are on hand to offer any technical assistance with your KODAK Solar equipment.

Are you ready to begin your journey with KODAK Solar Products? Read the all-new brochure for more information or fill out the quick and simple form today to get in touch with a reputable PV installer near you.