Solar has always been a fast-paced industry. But with such a positive shift in attitudes toward renewable energy driving developments across the PV space in recent years, manufacturers have had to do more to keep up with the demands of a new solar landscape.

As a pioneer of innovation, KODAK Solar Products has always been at the forefront of developments in the solar industry — delivering affordable, high-quality solutions to meet the exact demands of specific solar markets throughout its history.

So, it is no surprise that KODAK Solar Products has the cutting-edge solutions customers need…

The new OG-Plus 6.2

The KODAK OG-Plus 6.2 is the latest addition to the OG-Plus range.

With all the innovative features expected from KODAK Solar Products, including built-in Wi-fi and an attractive design, this mighty inverter is ideal for higher-capacity systems with substantial off-grid power requirements. The OG-Plus 6.2 also boasts a selectable input voltage range — allowing users to control their power supply.

This exciting product is available in the KODAK Product Packages: the ideal way to transition to solar.

KODAK Product Packages

Both innovative and affordable, KODAK Solar Products offers numerous product packages which allow home and small business owners to avoid rising energy bills, saving valuable money in both the short and long term at a low price.

Plus, by relying on these durable solutions for a stable energy supply, businesses do not have to close when the grid fails — meaning no loss of customers, a positive reputation and a better chance of profits.

There is a wide range of KODAK Product Packages designed to streamline the transition to solar power, with options for every home and small business.

Entry Level

For those just beginning their solar journey, there is the Entry Level package. This small but mighty package contains the perfect product combination to alleviate the disruptive effects of load shedding, with the flexibility to provide more power if the energy requirements change.

The Entry Level package is powered by the KODAK OG 5.48 inverter, equipped with various features that ensure optimum ease of use, such as the built-in Bluetooth for convenient mobile monitoring and a replaceable fan. In this package, the OG 5.48 is coupled with the KODAK BL3.6: a super-efficient battery with an industry-leading depth of discharge for maximum efficiency.

High Power

Homes in remote or end-of-line locations that often suffer from an unstable grid connection can benefit from the High Power package, a higher capacity option that also ensures uninterrupted power amid load shedding. Plus, with two options for different energy demands, this package is ideal for a range of residential systems.

The small storage package comes with the OGS 5.6 off-grid inverter, which boasts a customisable LED ring, touchable button and coloured LCD screen, and the BL3.6 battery. On the other hand, the high storage package includes the new OG-Plus 6.2 — the largest capacity inverter in the OG-Plus range — and the high-performance, scalable FL5.2.

Max Power

For the ultimate residential power solution, KODAK Solar Products offers the Max Power package. With so much power that homeowners do not need to compromise which loads to continue running during load shedding, this package also has two options: small and high storage.

The small storage package comprises the OG-7.2, with an impressive 7200 W power output, and the BL3.6, whilst the high storage package comes with the OG-10 inverter and the FL5.2 battery: the best combination for unbeatable power.

Interested in learning more about the solutions from KODAK Solar Products? See the updated product brochure here.