The consequences of load shedding are becoming increasingly problematic. Whilst frequent, often unpredictable power outages leave homes and businesses unable to access essential resources or continue their daily routines, energy bills are constantly rising.

Although the reliability of off-grid solar systems can help end inconvenient, intermittent supplies, they can be costly to install. And whilst the investment will always be worthwhile, this can be a particularly big decision for those in remote locations in need of expansive systems.

Thankfully, KODAK Solar Products can provide a solution.

The KODAK OG-Plus Range

The KODAK Solar Products OG-Plus Range is a collection of exceptional off-grid inverters. Designed for use in rural or end-of-line locations, inverters in this range are ideal for any home or business needing a super reliable power supply.

Comprising the compact OG-Plus 3.24, slightly larger OG-Plus 5.48 and the OG-Plus 6.2, the biggest inverter, there is an inverter for every system.

As the largest, highest capacity application in the OG-Plus range, the OG-Plus 6.2 is recommended for maximum off-grid power.

Why choose the OG-Plus 6.2?

Aside from being able to support the highest capacity system in comparison to all the other inverters in the OG-Plus range, thanks to its 6.2kW of rated power, the OG-Plus 6.2 has many attractive features.

This inverter can be paralleled with up to nine units to suit all system needs — one of many features which maximise ease of use. The built-in Wi-Fi also allows simple and easy remote monitoring via the mobile app, whilst the RGB LED ring, colour LCD screen and touchable function key are as convenient as they are aesthetically pleasing.

What’s more, the OG-Plus 6.2 boasts a selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers and selectable high-power charging current — allowing users to control their power supply — plus a configurable AC/Solar input priority via the LCD setting.

With a reserved communication port for BMS and dual output for smart load control, this mighty application has all the impressive qualities expected from a globally renowned name.

About KODAK Solar Products

KODAK Solar Products have been at the forefront of the solar industry when it comes to reliability. From the durability of the batteries and inverters to the local technical support that customers have access to, KODAK Solar Products provide trustworthy solutions.

All KODAK Solar Products inverters and batteries are designed with the requirements of the South African market in mind, something that is clear from the features of the products. Whilst each item in the KODAK Solar Products offering can provide continuous power, even in the event of power outages, they are also affordable, meaning more homes and businesses can transition to renewable energy without compromising on quality.

The KODAK Solar Products product portfolio is constantly expanding, with frequent new product releases that tend to continually changing customer and installer needs.

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