Having a solar installation on your home or business can knock thousands off your energy bills each year. But how long does it take to pay back the initial cost of the system? Is it worth it in the long run?

While solar is a guaranteed way to reduce your monthly spending on electricity bills, it also offers a reliable source of power when load shedding hits. Solar means you and your family can relax in the knowledge you have a dependable electricity source and that you are saving money. The benefits are numerous.

So, why should you install solar if you live in South Africa?

The perfect site for solar

South Africa is the perfect site for solar with an incredible 2,500 sun hours a year, compared the 1,000 hours of most European countries. The potential for solar in South Africa has also been recognised by authorities in recent years, with the Integrated Resource Plan intending to achieve 11.3GW of solar power capacity in the country by 2030. PV power is the ideal financially viable and environmentally friendly solution for South Africa to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and boost the country’s economy.

The less reliant you are on the national grid for your electricity, the less you have to worry about the consistent increases in energy prices, too. If the figure of 11.3GW is met, combined annual savings by all residential prosumers in South Africa could amount to c.R12.8 billion.

Shrink your energy bills with PV power

With the strong and regular sunshine in South Africa, homeowners and business owners with a solar installation could cut their electricity bills in half each month. Yet, many people are still put off installing solar by the initial costs of a PV system. The costs are offset in as little as five years by the monthly savings in electricity, making solar energy installations an investment creating fantastic returns over time. Once the system itself has been paid off, some homeowners are even able to achieve net-zero with their electricity, meaning their electricity consumption is covered entirely by solar energy.

What’s more, installing solar on your home increases its value, too. Approximately 61% of homebuyers are prepared to pay up to R100,000 more for a property with features that reduce utility costs, such as a solar installation.

With technology moving faster than ever, solar technology is at its most sophisticated with panels offering their highest efficiencies yet. Despite their better-than-ever performance panels, batteries and inverters are also at their most affordable.

Another notable attraction to installing solar is the system’s lack of running costs. Once installed, the system should last between 20 and 25 years, as most PV panels are covered by a 25-year warranty. You may need to get the panels cleaned periodically to ensure they are receiving as much sunlight as possible. However, there is very little maintenance associated with a solar installation.

Find your KODAK Solar match

No home or small business suits an identical solar installation: every site is different. The type of system chosen will depend on the load requirements, access to the grid and your personal preference of whether you would like to be connected to the grid or not.

You can choose to install a grid-tied, hybrid or off-grid system at your home or business: there is a KODAK Solar Product for every small to medium-sized project.

To ensure solar is right for you, read the helpful Homeowner’s Guide or the Small Business Owner’s Guide now. To deepen your knowledge and understanding of how solar works to keep your site powered and the different types of PV system here.

Are you looking to get started on your money-saving journey with solar? Find an installer near you today.