A new season has arrived, and with it comes warmer weather and, of course, abundant sunshine.

Although many are glad to see the end of this year’s difficult winter, having been plagued by load shedding, high energy prices and the continued national reliance on coal are, unfortunately, likely to remain for the foreseeable future.

Thankfully, battery storage presents an ideal solution to the energy crisis — allowing users to store surplus energy for use during power outages — and is gaining traction across South Africa.

A bright future for PV

A new solar project is underway in the South African province — funded by Eksfin and delivered by Scatec.

This renewable energy solutions provider has previously delivered six large power plants in South Africa and is set to build three more in the coming months. With a total installed solar power of 540 MW and a battery capacity of 225 MW, this will be Scatec’s largest project yet – and also one of the largest in the world.

Although Eskom is yet to take such strides towards the development of solar power, unable to act on pressures to end its reliance on coal due to debts, South Africa imported PV panels worth almost 2.2 billion rand in the first five months of 2022. Once these have been installed, the energy they generate will exceed the amount the government has procured in the last 10 years.

This rise in uptake has been underpinned by the population’s desire to escape rising energy bills whilst waiting for national change, leading to a boom in the small-scale solar installation market.

So, if you have been waiting to invest in a PV system, now is the time.

Whilst making the transition to solar is not always easy, with many products to choose from and systems designed to stand the test of time, KODAK Solar Products offers product packages for this very reason.

Finding the right system

The packages from KODAK Solar Products come with everything you need for a complete PV system.

With the panels, inverter and battery, there is no need to worry about ordering items separately and whether they are compatible. Plus, with three different options based on different energy requirements, you are guaranteed to find one that suits you.

As the name suggests, the Entry Level system is ideal for those starting their journey to solar power. This system offers 5 kW of power, allowing you to continue running your home amid load shedding.

For those with greater energy needs, for example, those with an unstable grid connection, there is the High Power package — providing constant power output so that important appliances and delicate loads can continue operating at all times.

This package features the brand-new OG-Plus 6.2, the largest model in the OG-Plus range. With 6.2 kW of rated power and parallel operation of up to nine units, this powerful inverter guarantees that those in need of substantial amounts of power never need to go without.

And finally, the largest option in the range is the Max Power package: the ultimate solution for those unwilling to compromise on which loads to keep running during power outages.

Because every application from KODAK Solar Products is designed with load shedding in mind, maximising performance and reliability at an affordable price, they are the ideal choice to kickstart your transition to solar.

Interested in starting your solar journey with KODAK Solar Products? Browse the brochure for details on product packages.