Despite its abundant benefits, purchasing a solar PV system for your home or business is an investment. Albeit worthwhile — but an investment nonetheless.

As such, many homeowners and small business owners are keen to ensure that the products they choose as part of their solar installation are high-quality and built to last. One of the primary components of any solar installation is an inverter.

An inverter is at the heart of every PV system. This is the core of a system that converts the harvested DC power and converts it into usable AC energy. Essentially, no installation is functional without one — whether connected to the grid or not.

A few FAQs

How long do inverters last?

Residential string inverters are designed to last between five and 10 years. While this appears comparatively short against the 25 to 30-year lifespan of solar panels, inverters are made up of components that age much quicker. The inverter is also doing all the heavy lifting in the system, bearing the most electrical strain.

All KODAK Solar Off-Grid inverters come with a three-year warranty as standard.

Do inverters require maintenance?

To ensure they last the duration of their design life, inverters do require a degree of maintenance. KODAK Solar Inverters feature in-built Bluetooth or WiFi monitoring so that your installer can keep an eye on your system’s performance at all times, meaning faults can be identified and resolved quickly.

Where should you install an inverter for maximum ROI?

The physical location of your solar inverter can have a considerable impact on its lifespan and, therefore, on its return on investment. Many inverters are installed in a home’s attic to keep it out of the way.

But particularly in warmer climates, it is better for the inverter to be installed somewhere cooler. If an inverter regularly operates at a high temperature, its efficiency and lifespan are likely to drop significantly.

Which inverter is right for me?

Choosing the correct inverter is integral to the longevity of your solar installation. Luckily, all KODAK Solar Inverters are high-quality and aesthetic renewable energy solutions that are ideal for South Africa’s homes and businesses.

Optimal off-grid energy

Choose one of these KODAK Off-Grid Solar Inverters for end-of-line locations with little to no grid stability. Off-grid inverters are the sole powerhouse of a PV system with no connection to the grid as all energy comes directly from the solar panels. An off-grid inverter is complete with a mandatory battery to store all energy generated by the panels for use later in the day.

These cost-effective inverters allow you to create the perfect load shedding solution to keep the lights on at all hours of the day.

There are several off-grid options when you choose KODAK Solar Products for your PV installation. The smaller off-grid inverters range from 1.5kW to 5kW and are perfect for supplying lower base loads to keep households running for shorter periods of time. The Entry Level and High Power packages include the lower-voltage inverters (plus all other required components!) for systems of this size.

Large homes or small business sites are better suited to the KODAK Off-Grid Inverters with a higher power rating, such as the OG-7.2 inverter that offers 7.2kW or power or the brand-new OG-10 for 10kW. Equally, the MAX Power package is a fantastic option for those looking for a complete KODAK energy storage solution for a larger site.

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