On 1 April 2024, Eskom will raise its prices by 12.74%. 

Adding to the 18.65% hike approved by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) in 2023, this decision will make it even harder for residents already struggling to pay their utility bills. 

How exactly will the price hike impact home and business owners, and what can you do about it? Here is a look at expected electricity costs and solar-powered solutions to help you find out… 

Higher monthly charges 

According to BusinessTech’s calculations, Eskom’s 12.74% price hike will take the country’s average electricity tariff from around R1.84 per kWh to R2.07 per kWh.  

With the typical Eskom customer paying R700 a month for 200kWh of power in urban Gauteng in 2023/24, experts expect these customers to pay R790 for the same amount of power once the price hike is introduced. 

This increase in monthly electricity costs becomes particularly concerning when we consider the fact that the average cost for 200kWh of electricity in urban Gauteng was R590 per month before the 18.68% price hike — marking a R200 rise from 2022/23 to 2024/25.  

Of course, monthly electricity costs vary depending on factors such as your location, property size and lifestyle, but these figures should give you an idea of what is to come… 

If you are a homeowner, life after the April price hike could involve missing out on the things you enjoy, from dining at restaurants to going on days out with friends and family, and keeping the heating off when it is cold to save money.   

Unfortunately, it does not get much better if you are a business owner either. Once electricity becomes even more expensive, your ability to reap profits, pay employees and keep your doors open will be on the line — especially if your company is small or still finding its feet. 

However, nobody has to simply sit back and wait to feel the effects of Eskom’s new prices…  

Off-grid solar power solutions 

Transitioning away from the national grid has long been considered the key to overcoming a multitude of South Africa’s energy woes — including unaffordable electricity prices. 

When you invest in a PV system, all you need to do is pay the upfront cost of the solar products to enjoy free electricity from the sun’s rays and free yourself from current (and future) price hikes. 

Plus, when you choose KODAK Solar Products, upfront costs could be lower than you think. 

The KODAK Solar Products brand is built on the principle of cost-effectiveness, with a portfolio of sleek, innovative PV system components at hard-to-beat prices waiting to be discovered in collections like the OG range. 

Comprising four different-sized inverters providing up to 10kW of power, this impressive collection offers all the features needed for optimised residential and small commercial systems.  

Whilst generator compatibility and auto-restart functions ensure around-the-clock power, built-in Bluetooth facilitates convenient remote monitoring — allowing you to stay on top of your energy supply wherever you are, as long as you have your mobile phone handy. 

Moreover, OG inverters are compatible with KODAK Solar Products batteries: the BL3.6 and BL5.0. 

These popular components can be used to expand PV systems, offering industry-leading efficiencies, protection against common faults and generous 10-year warranties that help you maximise your solar power investment.  

So, why not take the plunge with KODAK Solar Products before April arrives? It could not be easier (or more affordable) for you to trade ever-rising electricity bills for cost-effective solar power! 

To begin your transition away from the national grid, browse the KODAK Solar Products portfolio and find a skilled local installer today.