So, you have decided to go off-grid. With South Africa’s energy landscape still unreliable despite recent improvements and the country’s coal-powered plants decidedly at odds with sustainability targets, investing in an independent renewable energy supply is a very wise idea. 

However, faced with the big decision of which components you will select to cover your entire energy supply, you need a bit of help getting started.   

That is where KODAK Solar Products comes in! 

With a broad selection of solutions designed to supply affordable, stable power around the clock, there is something for every homeowner in the KODAK Solar Products off-grid portfolio. And here is an overview of the OG system to prove it… 

Residential-scale inverters  

KODAK Solar Products OG inverters are designed specifically for off-grid residential projects, with a series of attractive features that are sure to impress any homeowner, including: 

  • Battery management system (BMS) communications for optimal management and control.  
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling wireless remote monitoring.  
  • Touchable buttons and large five-inch coloured LCD screens. 
  • Generator compatibility. 

The OG-3.24 and OG-5.48, two compact products offering 3kW and 5kW of power respectively, are the first inverters in the range. These inverters are best suited to small systems where no parallel operation is required — ideal if you do not need to increase your supply down the line. 

A step up from these inverters is the OG-7.2, which has a parallel capability of up to six units, meaning it can supply a staggering 43.2kW of power — more than enough for more demanding residential energy supplies. 

If you have a large home to supply or high energy consumption to account for, then there is the OG-10: the biggest inverter in the range, which can power large residential and even small commercial systems with ease. 

Otherwise, KODAK Solar Products offers the OG-Plus range, which offers an uninterrupted supply with impressive features such as: 

  • The ability to produce a smooth 230V AC at all times. 
  • Zero-millisecond changeover times for essential loads. 
  • Guaranteed performance in areas of grid instability. 

With OG-Plus 3.24, OG-Plus 5.48 and OG-Plus 6.2 models available, these inverters are an excellent alternative to the OG range for homeowners living in rural or end-of-line locations, where stability is a top priority. 

The batteries to match 

No off-grid PV system is complete without solar batteries. As such, KODAK Solar Products offers a few battery options that can be paired with your chosen OG inverter. 

For example, the BL3.6 battery is a high-performance, low-capacity module with a long lifespan. Boasting up to 5000MW of continuous discharge power, this powerful product is the perfect match for 5kW inverter systems containing the OG-3.24 or OG-5.48 inverters. 

And with charging and discharging currents of 150A and a continuous discharge current of 1.5C, the BL5.0 battery is an excellent choice for larger PV systems — especially since it can be connected with up to 15 batteries in a parallel. 

Both batteries come with a generous 10-year warranty, a testament to the fact that they are built to last, and are compatible with all inverters in the KODAK Solar Products inverter portfolio. 

Plus, with the BL3.6 and BL5.0 each possessing a depth of discharge of up to 95%, these products are highly efficient, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment. 

Hopefully that gives you a good idea of the kinds of components you should choose for your off-grid PV system. Now, all that is left to do is take the plunge… 

Learn more about these products and get in touch with a local installer on the KODAK Solar Products website to begin your journey to off-grid energy you can trust.