When implementing a new PV system, it might feel like you have two options: choose the most complex, top-of-the-range batteries and inverters (and pay the high price tag) or cut costs with more basic, but less impressive components.  

But not with KODAK Solar Products! 

This tried-and-true name gives you the best of both worlds with innovative yet affordable solar solutions. And, best of all, they are all available in super simple product packages — the go-to for any home or business owner looking for a stress-free transition to solar power. 

So, invest in energy you can trust by finding out which KODAK Solar Products package to choose for which purpose, and get a taste for the new releases on the horizon… 

Escape blackouts 

For many South African residents, load shedding is proving increasingly problematic. Unreliable supplies are not only inconvenient for those wanting hot water and air conditioning or to keep their Wi-Fi running when working from home, but they are also preventing people from keeping the doors to their small businesses open.  

 If your priority is to solve these issues without breaking the bank, the Entry Level package from KODAK Solar Products is the one for you. 

This package steps in when the grid is down, ensuring blackouts do not interfere with your home or business. It is fuelled by the OG-5.48 inverter, a lightweight hybrid model, and the BL3.6 battery, a high-performance module that can be connected with up to 15 additional units for maximum power. 

Together, these products offer high efficiency, allowing you to get the most out of your investment, and can be monitored from your mobile phone, thanks to built-in Bluetooth. 

Maintain stable power  

For those whose energy situation is slightly trickier than the average home or business, for example, if you live in a remote location with an unstable grid connection, then you are best opting for a more robust PV system to cover your supply requirements at all times. 

This is where the small and high storage variations of the High Power package come in! 

The small storage option boasts the scalable, high-output inverter from the KODAK Solar Products OGS range, the OGS-5.6, which can be paralleled with up to nine units to expand your energy supply, and the high-performance, scalable BL3.6 battery. 

Alternatively, the high storage option comes with the OG-Plus 6.2 inverter — which provides a smooth, consistent voltage that is easy to keep on top of, thanks to remote monitoring capabilities and touchable keys — and the BL5.0 battery, which offers enhanced safety and expansion features. 

So, you can customise your energy supply and further decrease your reliance on the national grid whenever you need.  

Keep supplies running around the clock 

If you want complete freedom from load shedding and energy insecurity, with a fully solar-powered energy system that never fails you, cutting (not loosening) your ties with the national grid is the way to go. And it does not have to be complicated, either! 

To gain a supreme supply for every appliance at your home or small business, choose the KODAK Solar Products Max Power package, which also has two variations. 

The first variation, the small storage option comprises the OG-7.2 inverter, a MAX model that can power a whole system with just one unit, and the high-performance BL3.6. This heavy-duty combination is built to stand the test of time. 

The second variation, the high storage option, is the more powerful of the two, with the OG-10 inverter, the largest model in the current KODAK Solar Products portfolio that is designed for large residential and small commercial systems, and the BL5.0 battery.  

Each package variation benefits from convenient remote monitoring capabilities, giving you the ultimate peace of mind — even when implementing such a high-powered system.  

Get ahead of the curve…  

Soon, a selection of new KODAK Solar Products batteries and inverters will hit the market to help improve the accessibility of solar power and ensure as many people can reap the benefits of this affordable, sustainable energy source. 

These products contain some of the most innovative qualities yet, with a line of portable batteries joining the KODAK Solar Products portfolio, as well as a selection of economical entry-level inverters and a ground-breaking ‘all-in-one’ solution.  

And, of course, each new release is designed in line with the KODAK Solar Products ethos — providing energy you can trust!  

Do not wait to transition to solar power. Get in touch with a local installer today!