Solar power is now cheaper than purchasing electricity from the grid, and the world knows it, too. Since 2017, global investment in renewable energy has substantially outpaced that of fossil fuels.  

Joining the push towards a more renewable future are KODAK Solar Products — dependable solution that is taking households off-grid across Africa…  

Solar for…  


Becoming energy self-sufficient is just one of the various benefits that you’ll experience when you invest in a PV system.  

Load shedding has undoubtedly become a burden on the lives of millions in South Africa, leaving both homeowners and business owners without power during critical times of the day. Many face huge disruptions to their daily routines owing to the unpredictable grid, and a national monopoly on power supplies means there is little choice but to wait out the periods of darkness. 

The solution, of course, is solar power.  

This form of renewable energy gives you independence from the grid for a dependable, continuous supply of electricity. More specifically, the range of KODAK Solar Products allows customers to design a semi-bespoke hybrid system, optimised precisely to each user’s needs.  

A rainy day 

Up-to-scale battery storage solutions are vital in helping solar reach its full potential. As this form of renewable power is so variable, you need to have a system in place to store any surplus energy for use in times of weaker sunshine. Or, perhaps, during periods of load shedding when you need that power most.  

A secure source of energy 24 hours a day is possible with solar power, whether connected to the grid or not. Particularly for those living off-grid, an energy storage system gives, reliable energy supplies, as you can use the power generated during the day throughout the night.  

Solar energy storage responds to emergency power requirements rapidly, as the power stored in on-site batteries is readily available for use. A brilliant feature of a variety of KODAK Off-Grid Inverters is that they offer zero transfer time to protect mission-critical loads from online computer servers, for example. Such immediate transfer times means large quantities of data don’t have to be lost when load shedding comes into play.  

KODAK Off-Grid Inverters are the ideal solution for storing your electricity. Choose one of the following Products for guaranteed stability and quick access to plentiful energy: 

KODAK OG-Plus Range 

KODAK OG Range  


Paired with a KODAK Solar Module and a KODAK L1 Battery, the Inverters offer a complete off-grid solution to your energy concernsIndependence from the grid means autonomy and freedom, as well as reduced utility bills.  

The KODAK Battery will be available in early 2020. Keep an eye out for the launch of these fantastic products! 

 Reduced bills

Maximising your monthly savings is simple with KODAK Solar Products. The more of your own energy you are producing, the less you will need to worry about hikes in volatile national energy prices. For example, many households see reductions in monthly energy spending by up to 50%!  

A PV system is an investment. However, choosing to fit out your PV system with KODAK Solar Products means you can create an exclusive project that caters to your energy needs and encourages vast savings on monthly energy bills.  

The range of KODAK Solar Products delivers only the best solar solutions to take you and your family off-grid. Discover the product range now or stay up to date at @KODAKSolarZA on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook!    


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