Whilst KODAK Solar Products might be best known for affordability — a great perk of its entire offering — there is another big benefit of investing in batteries and inverters from the brand’s portfolio: simplicity.

To ensure a stress-free transition to solar power for home and business owners looking for a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable electricity supply, KODAK Solar Products splits its PV system components into fuss-free packages, which were updated this year. So, you do not need to struggle to find a pairing that is both compatible and suits your energy requirements; just choose from what the KODAK Solar Products experts have pre-selected.

Wondering how to select the best KODAK Solar Products package given the latest changes? Do not fret. Below, you can find a comprehensive overview of the differences between the new Entry Level, High Power and Max Power options; keep reading to kickstart your energy transition today!

The small but mighty Entry Level package


As the saying goes, if it is not broke, do not fix it! So, when it came to revamping the KODAK Solar Products packages earlier this year, no changes were made to the tried-and-true Entry Level option.

This introductory package is perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of solar, with the ideal capabilities to fulfil sudden loads during periods of load shedding without breaking the bank, including:

  • Bluetooth for convenient remote monitoring.
  • A long lifespan and 10-year inverter warranty.
  • The ability to be expanded to suit changing energy requirements.

All these features, which are owed to the much-loved OG-5.48 inverter and BL3.6 battery, help provide more than enough power (5kW, to be precise) to keep your home or business running when the national grid fails. But if you have more complex energy requirements, it is probably worth levelling up to the next package…

A slightly bigger High Power option

The KODAK Solar Products High Power package has always been a great go-to for advanced renewable energy. This option comes in the small storage and high storage variants, as it did before our package revamp, each of which offers:

  • Touchable function keys for sleek visibility over system usage.
  • Large, coloured LCD screens indicating current working modes.
  • High efficiencies, with industry-leading depth of discharge (DoD) ratings.


The small storage option, which still comes with the 5.6kW OGS5.6 inverter and 3.6kWh BL3.6 battery, is best for standard small commercial and very large residential systems needing relief from power outages — offering KODAK Solar Products’ most innovative design features.

On the other hand, the high storage variant now boasts the 4.9kWh BL5.0 battery (rather than the old FL5.2 model) and is perfect for properties in remote areas. With the original 6.2kWh OG-Plus 6.2 inverter and its smooth voltage for guaranteed performance, this option can easily rectify unstable and non-existent grid connections.

If you like the sound of the above packages but want to explore higher-capacity solutions for even more solar power, say no more.


The brand’s ultimate solution: the Max Power pairing!


Equipped with the most powerful components in the KODAK Solar Products package portfolio, one of the two 10kW Max Power variants are your best option if you want to keep all loads running when the grid fails.

Like always, the small storage Max Power package comprises the OG-7.2 inverter, which comes with all the features of KODAK Solar Products’ other off-grid models, and two of the great BL3.6 batteries. The result? An expandable high-performance system capable of offering a staggering 43.2kW of power when you need it.

Alternatively, there is the high storage option, which comes with the OG-10 inverter and two BL5.0 batteries, rather than the FL5.2, which was included instead before this year’s package upgrades. Thanks to in-built protection against common faults, like overvoltages, short-circuits and temperature abnormalities, this package allows you to enjoy maximum power without safety concerns.

Of course, the more extensive your PV system, the more renewable energy you can generate and the less you need to rely on fossil fuels — offering greater savings in the long run, on top of peace of mind and sustainability credentials. Still, as the breadth of high-quality options in KODAK Solar Products package portfolio demonstrates, there is no need to implement a huge system to enjoy energy freedom. It is just a case of finding the right package for you!


Learn more about the updated Entry Level, High Power and Max Power packages in the KODAK Solar Products brochure today. There, you will also find information about the brand’s latest releases, including the OG-LP inverters and all-in-one (AIO) solution.