If you are familiar with KODAK Solar Products, then you will be no stranger to the broad selection of exceptional solar solutions associated with this leading name. Designed with load shedding in mind, all KODAK Solar Products batteries and inverters are both high quality and affordable — helping people across the country transition to a more reliable, more sustainable energy supply without compromise.

But with so many products available, it can take a while to decide which one is the best for you.

Thankfully, this handy guide will teach you all about KODAK Solar Products inverters — so you can get started on your solar journey in no time!

KODAK Solar Products inverters

A solar inverter is what converters the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), essentially turning the energy obtained by solar panels into usable power.

Because they play such a pivotal role in the success of your PV system, it is crucial that your inverter is not only high quality, but also appropriate for your needs.

South Africans count on KODAK Solar Products for the best possible performance at the lowest prices, something that is guaranteed for all three inverter ranges.

The OG Range

A comprehensive selection of off-grid inverters is available in the KODAK Solar Products OG Range.

The first model in the range, the OG-3.24, is a compact product best suited to small domestic systems that do not need to be expanded — offering 3 kW of power.

Just one step up from the OG-3.24 is the OG-5.48. This mid-range inverter weighs only 12 kg, so comes with all the benefits of being small and lightweight, but boasts an impressive 5 kW of power — making it an ideal match for 48 V batteries.

Even better yet is the OG-7.2, which can offer up to 43.2 kW of power when paralleled in a single or three phase configuration. This superior, higher-capacity option is recommended for those looking to keep all loads running even during power outages.

Similarly, the OG-10 is a dual MPPT 10 kW inverter with enough power to supply large residential and small commercial systems with ease.

The OG-Plus Range

The OG-Plus Range is another superb inverter range from KODAK Solar Products, with enough variety to suit a range of residential solar needs.

Thanks to enhanced capabilities, this range is ideal for rural or end-of-line locations where stable power is paramount, but often difficult to achieve — ensuring optimum performance even in unstable conditions.

The OG-Plus 5.48 is much like the OG-5.48, but can be used in systems that require system expansion. This product operates at 48 V, making it well suited for medium sized domestic systems.

With 6.2 kW of rated power and the possibility to parallel the system up to nine units, the OG-Plus 6.2 is the biggest and most dynamic model in the OG-Plus range. This inverter is an excellent choice for more substantial energy requirements.

The OGS Range

If you are looking for cutting-edge features and unbeatable performance, the OGS Range is the one for you.

This range comes with built-in Wi-Fi for remote monitoring via the mobile app, a customisable LED status ring with RGB lights for full visibility over working status and a touchable button with a 4.3-inch coloured LCD screen.

The OGS-5.6 is one of the latest releases from KODAK Solar Products, which can be paralleled for 50.4 kW of power — ideal for large residential and small commercial systems.

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