KODAK Solar Products is a no-nonsense brand with a goal to provide an accessible means of swapping an unreliable or non-existent grid connection for renewable energy you can trust.  

Of course, supplying simple, low-cost solar batteries and inverters is a crucial part of KODAK Solar Products’ ability to meet this goal. But when everyone has unique energy supply requirements, great components are not the only things that make it is easy to implement a PV system; straightforward resources are needed to explain their key qualities and uses. 

Therefore, KODAK Solar Products boasts an array of materials prospective customers can use to learn all about its portfolio, including a YouTube channel. 

Here, you can find quick, informative videos about KODAK Solar Products’ offering, including an overview of its off-grid solutions for different system types. So, this is your taste of what that video covers! 

Entry-level domestic inverters 

Starting off strong with KODAK Solar Products’ introductory inverters, which belong to the OG range and offer built-in Bluetooth for convenient mobile monitoring, the video begins by outlining two of the brand’s core solutions. Both these units are designed to cover home energy supplies, with a few key differences… 


The smallest OG inverter, the OG-3.24, is best suited to small domestic systems that do not need to be expanded. It offers 3kW of power, making it an ideal match for 24V batteries. 


A step up from the OG-3.24 is the OG-5.48: a mid-range battery boasting the same compact design as the smaller model. Offering 5kW of power, this unit is best paired with 48V batteries. 

Mid-range units 

Moving onto the slightly larger KODAK Solar Products inverters, the video begins its overview of the two higher-capacity models — one belonging to the OG range and another in the OG-Plus range, which are designed for rural and end-of-line locations. Both units offer enough power for bigger systems, but which one will you choose? 

OG-Plus 5.48 

As an upgraded version of the OG-5.48, the OG-Plus 5.48 operates at 48V and can parallel up to nine units — a valuable feature for medium-sized domestic systems you want to expand down the line. 


The OG 7.2 can be connected in a parallel for up to 43.2kW of power for single or triple-phase configurations and is recommended if you need to keep loads running when load shedding strikes. 

Options for larger systems 

Medium-sized models not big enough for your energy supplies? No problem. The final section of the KODAK Solar Products video explains the highest-power inverters from the brand’s off-grid portfolio, with two from the OG and OG-Plus ranges and one from the OGS range. This series of optimised products promises of cutting-edge features for unbeatable performance. 


With a customisable LED status ring and coloured LCD screen, the OGS-5.6 can supply as much as 50.4kW of power for large residential or even small commercial systems.  

OG-Plus 6.2 

As the biggest inverter in its range, the OG-Plus 6.2 is ideal for more substantial energy requirements. It features zero transfer times for an uninterrupted power supply and a sleek design. 


Being the largest OG inverter, the OG-10 is a great go-to if you own a large home or small business — comprising dual inputs and a DC output for fans, LED bulbs and routers. 

Your choice of battery 

Finally, the KODAK Solar Products portfolio summary video touches on the energy storage solutions that can be paired with the aforementioned inverters, depending on various application needs. Each unit comes with a 10-year warranty and is ultra-efficient for a cost-effective investment. Learn more and decide which battery is best for you! 


For a rack-mounted solution, opt for the BL3.6 battery, which suits 5kW inverters. It comes with a 1.5C rating for discharging in 45 minutes and has an awe-inspiring 95% depth of discharge (DoD). 


Building on the capabilities of the BL3.6, the BL5.0 has a 4.94kW capacity and allows up to 75000W of continuous discharge power. Use two and the BL5.0 can be paired with 15kW inverters! 

Keep an eye on the KODAK Solar Products YouTube channel for more helpful videos and find an installer to start working on your PV system today.