Every year spent spend producing high-quality, low-cost solar products is a good one. But the combination of positive growth in the global PV market and continued commitment to innovation at KODAK Solar Products has led to some particularly special triumphs in 2022!

If you have been keeping up to date with KODAK Solar Products, then you will be familiar with all of this year’s achievements. But if you could do with a bit of a recap, then continue reading…

This year’s solar landscape

This winter proved difficult for many South Africans, as Eskom’s inability to restore the aged and inefficient coal power plants in line with the rate at which they are breaking down led the utility company to resort to record-high load shedding stages to manage national electricity demand.

Still, hope for a brighter energy future remained as authorities pressed for a longer-term solution, renewable energy, and private companies invested in a number of solar power projects.

For example, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) approved 15 new PV projects, Eksfin and Scatec joined forces to deliver one of the world’s largest solar plant initiatives and SOLA Group and Tronox got to work on two 100 MW installations. CrossBoundary Energy Access (CBEA) also put forward funding for the development of mini-grids.

More recently, three Energie SA projects with a total power output of 225 MW picked up speed. Plus, the minister of public works and infrastructure, Patricia de Lille, announced that a number of South African Strategic Integrate Projects (SIPs) will be fast-tracked, including the Just Energy Transition, Green Hydrogen National Plan and the Oil & Gas National Plan.

Naturally, these projects encouraged home and business owners to see the benefits of solar power, and interest in these sectors remained strong throughout the year — with energy storage systems proving particularly popular for their ability to eliminate the issue of power outages.

As such, the team got to producing some handy guides for solar newbies, with tips on going off-grid and improving sustainability for small businesses, and expanding the PV battery and inverter ranges to cater to rising demand — giving rise to some of the best KODAK Solar Products solutions yet!

New product launches 

KODAK Solar Products started the year with one of the most sought-after energy storage products, the BL3.6 battery.

This 3.68 kW model can be paralleled with up to 15 units, which means enough output can be achieved for commercial and large residential systems — giving you the power to adapt your solar production in line with the changing energy landscape, even if you started with a smaller module.

This year also saw the release of the OG-Plus 6.2 inverter, which comes with all the features of this much-loved range of off-grid solutions — built-in Wi-Fi for remote in-app monitoring, an LED light ring and LCD screen — and a much larger capacity. With 6.2 kW of rated power and parallel operation of up to nine units, this product allows even the most demanding systems to benefit from an uninterrupted supply.

Another product released in response to the need for high-capacity solar products is the OG 10 of the off-grid inverter range. This model is the only inverter needed to power large residential and small commercial systems with ease, with a 10 kW capacity.

KODAK Solar Products has clearly demonstrated an eagerness to keep up with the ever-changing solar industry and provide the solutions home and business owners need for an affordable, reliable PV system. This will be no different in 2023, when you can expect to see even better products and services…

Take a look at the KODAK Solar Products product brochure (another 2022 release) to find out more about our new PV batteries and inverters. Then get in touch with a skilled local installer just in time for the new year!